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Continence care for your patients

Amcare by Convatec simplifies continence care with our efficient referral process and comprehensive service. Once your patient registers with us, we handle every detail. Supporting your patients' entire care journey, from prescription management to discreet delivery.
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Partnering to deliver more care

Expert insights

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Amcare for professionals

Learn from other professionals about how Amcare services have transformed patient care.

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Simplifying care

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What sets Amcare apart?

Our comprehensive service ensures quick referrals and bespoke patient support from our customer care team.

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Free prescriptions

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Prescriptions taken care of

With Amcare your patients will never pay for their catheter prescriptions.

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Our products

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Innovative catheters for women

Amcare by Convatec recognises the unique challenges faced by women with continence issues, and we offer discreet and effective solutions. Our goal is to empower women to live fully, with innovative products and tailored support.

Convatec's GentleCath™ catheters incorporate pioneering FeelClean Technology™ designed to make the task of intermittent self-cathertisation easier and more comfortable. We have a range of standard and compact catheters available.

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Explore our range for men

Designed for discreet functionality. Amcare by Convatec offers effective, confidential catheter solutions to improve comfort and confidence. Our range includes standard and compact catheters for men with straight and coudé tip options.

Introducing our GentleCath™ with FeelClean Technology™ intermittent catheters. The first and only catheter where the slippery hydrophilic properties are integrated inside the catheter itself rather than having a sticky coating.

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What makes GentleCath™ with FeelClean Technology™ catheters unique?

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Feel Clean Technology™

  1. Traditional hydrophilic catheters have coatings that may become sticky when removed. This can cause discomfort, bleeding, and damage to the urethra, leading to a higher chance of UTIs.1,2,3
  2. GentleCath™ with FeelClean Technology™ is free from this coating so does not stick. Using these catheters protects the delicate urethra.1,2
  3. GentleCath™ with FeelClean Technology™ is designed to improve your outcomes and quality of life.2
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What our patients say

Enhance patient care with confidence

Watch Jude’s story and discover the difference Amcare made in her life.

Jude, who has been cathing for 25 years, is typical of many longer-term users.  When she was struggling, she reached out to Amcare. We were able to give her dedicated time to explain the options, the differences between them, and how to get appropriate help from her healthcare provider. Now, Jude lives more comfortably and confidently. 

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Supporting you and your patients

me+ education

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Professional development

Explore our resources to foster professional development and stay informed about the latest technologies.

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me+ support

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Your patients

Access a range of resources including product videos, emotional well-being support, and a Facebook community.

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Product user stories

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Empower your patients to live fully

Explore stories from catheter users, providing insights into the personal journeys and challenges faced by patients.

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Fast-track patient care with Amcare

Simplify referrals to Amcare with our easy registration form. Ensure your patients receive the best continence care by connecting them to our dedicated support and comprehensive product range. Registering your patients is quick, and will make a lasting difference to their care journey. 

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1. Pollard D, Allen D, Irwin N J, Moore J V, McClelland N, McCoy C P. Evaluation of an Integrated Amphiphilic Surfactant as an Alternative to Traditional Polyvinylpyrrolidone Coatings for Hydrophilic Intermittent Urinary Catheters. Biotribology. 2022;32(Dec 2022):100223.

2. In vitro data on file.

3. Rognoni C. Tarricone R. Intermittent catheterisation with hydrophilic and non-hydrophilic urinary catheters: systematic literature review and meta-analyses. BMC Urol 2017.17(1)

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Amcare by Convatec is part of the Convatec group of companies, which also provides the me+™ programme - a complimentary support service for customers using stoma and continence products.