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Careers at Amcare by Convatec

We’re on a journey to forever caring. It’s our promise to give patients and healthcare providers the support they need. We bring to life our vision of pioneering trusted medical solutions to improve the lives we touch.

Our philosophy

Amcare by Convatec’s devoted team of employees are dedicated to improving the lives we touch. From our National Distribution Center and across our eight regional centres through every role #ForeverCaring.

Whatever your role, you'll be empowered and challenged to continue improving lives, every single day.

The Convatec group careers section is frequently updated with new and exciting opportunities across the UK and rest of the world in a range of sectors across every part of the business.

If you're seeking an opportunity focused on improving the lives of others through trusted medical solutions, visit our careers section today and take the first step into joining the Convatec family.

See what our people have to say

Sharon Lowe - Lincoln Team

"I have been with Amcare for just under 5 years. My time here has been very rewarding. I am part of our welcome team and my role is to support our new clients when onboarding them to Amcare services. This involves taking a taking a caring approach, Listening and guiding them on how their journey with Amcare will progress. I help and guide to provide options to suit their needs. I feel the forever caring mantra is something I pride myself on in my day to day life. The role I have I believe gives our customers the best support they can have when they may be at a time when they require guidance and support."

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Pauline Fallows - Senior Site Lead

"I have been working within the Amcare Group now for nearly 13 years where I lead a Customer Services Team. There have been many changes throughout my journey, however, I can honestly say the changes have definitely been for the better and the business goes from strength to strength with the main focus to drive World Class Customer Service which is my passion. Being a Customer as well as an Employee, I know only too well how important it is to receive the support and supplies on time (at the end of the day, we cannot be without). The business prides itself on supporting each customer with their individual needs and I ensure my Team manage all of their expectations. Our Promise is “forever caring” which is a true reflection on the way we support our customers but at the same time how the Business supports all Employees."

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Jo Hunter - Client Service Representative

"I recently joined Amcare, but the training and support has been, hands down, the best I have experienced in about 15 years. The communication and encouragement has been consistent throughout and I have never been left guessing, or feeling helpless. The team sprit is also professionally heart-warming and there is always someone available to assist and lend a helping hand. This job is highly structured and process driven, ensuring that you are never left floundering and you always know exactly what all the goals are – for me, that is extremely important and will make sure that I am continuously engaged. I started Amcare in my late 40s and can see myself happily being part of the team."

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Sally Edwards - Senior Customer Care Representative

"Working for Amcare gives me the opportunity to constantly learn and grow. I'm exposed to new challenges regularly, which helps me develop both professionally and personally. I enjoy the collective and shared environment in my workplace and working with talented and supportive colleagues across our network, both in Customer Service and Distribution/Procurement. This increases our productivity and also makes each day enjoyable and varied. I am given a high level of autonomy and trust from my superiors which allows me to take ownership of my tasks and workstreams, and find solutions to problems that mutually benefit both our customers and our business. Seeing the positive impact of my work on our customers is extremely fulfilling and rewarding. Overall, what I like most about my job is the combination of challenging opportunities, continuous learning and growth, the sense of making a meaningful contribution, and the collaborative and supportive team environment. These aspects combine to create a fulfilling and engaging work experience."

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Amcare by Convatec is part of the Convatec group of companies, which also provides the me+™ programme - a complimentary support service for customers using stoma and continence products.